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About a year and a half ago, our local Wal-mart here in Arizona had an entire isle (in the food section) devoted to food storage, with #10 cans of dehydrated foods, water barrels, rotation systems for canned goods, etc. It could have been because of the large percentage of Latter-day Saints in the area. I personally think that they were using that particular store as a pilot program before implementing at other stores since I have not seen it in other Wal-mart locations.

There were two companies supplying the food products: “Harvest of the West” and “Augason Farms.” They had various soup mixes, dehydrated and/or freeze dried vegetables and fruits, potato shreds/slices, as well as powdered honey, powdered tomato sauce, powdered eggs, powdered butter/margarine, and much more. The selection has since diminished quite a bit from when they started, perhaps because there has not been enough interest or maybe poor contract negotiations with the suppliers.

Well, they still have some variety in #10 cans, but not like they had previously. They carry rolled oats, cornmeal, white rice, brown rice, and sugar in 25-30 lb plastic buckets, and soup mixes and some freeze dried fruits (strawberries, blueberries) in the #10 cans.

Food Storage at Walmart Food Storage at Walmart

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  1. David says :

    The Show Low store? There were a few others up into Utah that had this stuff as I recall. The potato soup mix was pretty good and the price was slightly less than canned soup.

  2. cabesh says :

    My in-laws have the items available in their store in Spokane, but nothing here in NH.

  3. flybird63 says :

    i live in queen creek Arizona and have it at are store picked over pretty good but still a lot left

  4. ron says :

    the walmart in coeur d’ alene idaho had some emergenct food in july when we were there but just recently we were there in november and part of december and they ha none.

  5. Jeff says :

    I was in the Kingman, AZ store in Jan, 2012 and they still had this stocked. Are there any other stores, maybe Flagstaff or North Phoenix area that might still carry these items? I don’t get over to Kingman very ofter (2.5 hours from my home in Prescott).
    Thanks in advance!!

  6. Dave says :

    We don’t have any Wal Marts in Colorado Like this. My wife even works at one in the springs and has not even seen anything like these pictures.

  7. K.Miller says :

    Last month at the walmart off hwy69 in prescott had this and i purchased some but then when i returned this month to purchase more dehydrated goods, to my surprise the isle that previously had these item was completely gone. i’m not sure what happened or why walmart did that but i really hope they bring it back. i’m new to the area and novice to preparing and was very excited to see these kinda of items at such a convienent place but am now disapointed. i’ll be going to the walmart website and inquire about the return of dehydrated bulk foods, hopefully it works and i recomend that if you want the store in your area to have stuff like this then do the same. maybe it’ll work :)

  8. P. Thorn says :

    was recently in a Walmart in Bullhead City, AZ, right across the Colorado River from Laughlin NV, and for the first time saw an aisle with the large cans of dehydrated and freeze dried foods, WOW was i surprised but happy with the thought they might all start carrying these items, we drive a truck all over the US and Canada and stop at alot of Walmarts to get our supplies and food needs, becasue most of them are 24 hrs now, How i would love to see these items in alot more of them so we could slowly stock up on items to keep at home for an emergency, but it would be hard to buy a bunch out here and considering the room it would take up till we got home,

  9. Jeff says :

    We have them at both Walmart stores in Vancouver Washington. They are also at the Walmart in Warrenton, OR and Longview, WA.
    We bought a can of the dried milk, and for someone who HATES dried milk it was really good, even just drinking it. It worked great for our week long camping trip. The whole eggs are for baking though. Do not try to eat them scrambled unless you have cheese, hot sauce, and spam with them. Even with all of that doctoring we couldn’t finish them. Yuck!

  10. Deborah says :

    Did Americans EVER think we would be needing to stock up on food/water because of our government? I knew in 2008 it would come to this…I just knew it….