US Gives Foreign Aid to OVER 150 Countries

by / Monday, 07 March 2011 / Published in Video

There are approximately 192 countries in the world. The United States government gives foreign aid to over 150 of them, including China. We need to STOP using our tax money to support the rest of the world, especially countries who do not like us! We need more people in Congress like Representative Ted Poe from Texas! Watch the video:

8 Responses to “US Gives Foreign Aid to OVER 150 Countries”

  1. Michael Anthony says :

    This country needs to pull its head out of its ASS! Stop giving money to other countries. We need it here in at home. How and who is going it help repair all the damages by the floods and tornadoes this year? We don’t even have any money to do a budget; why are they arguing on how to fix it. Another thing are big business and their tax breaks. If they have so much money to give to different congress men and woman, why are the tax payers giving them a salary? One more thing, why dose the USA have military all over the globe? In the countries where we have troops, we should be charging them or pull out. Most of the countries we are in don’t want us there anyway!

  2. David Huffman says :

    How come this is not in deficit reduction talks??

  3. George Billybuckinghermann says :

    hello, i would like to say . . . WTF ARE WE DOING WITH ALL OUR MONEY??!!! WE NEED IT HERE MORE THAN IN CUBA!! THEY HATE US!! that would be all thankyou

  4. Dave Billybuckinghermann says :

    i agree with the top comment >:(

  5. vann wilson says :

    give it to our war veterans they need it more they are being used like trash and deserve much better life styels and comfortable liveing ,go buy gas/groceries we stay home most of the time we can’t afford to do anything else i am 100%+ disabled give us the same as congress we did the bleeding/die/suffering cougress didn’t

  6. robert says :

    The only way America will be respected in the Word, will be to cut off all Foreign aid to all countries. They laugh in our face because our government is so stupid for writing those fat checks to the slush fund of hatred towered our way of life. Just makes me sick to know that we could have so much more for the people of this nation.

  7. charlie says :

    Forget Repubs & D-crats!! We are only votes! We need an America First Party whose platform is:
    Eliminate foreign aid and use for American debt
    Penalize all Companies that went overseas after 9-11 and use for debt
    Getting our country running, working, growing

    Til All Americans Are Fed, Til All Americans are cared for.

  8. Tom Simolaris says :

    Why can’t someone implement a new Law to halt all Foreign aid of all kinds for 1 year and rebuild our roads and such?