Top 12 Reasons Not to Have Food Storage

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Most people do not have a year’s supply of food storage. I hear it all the time….my neighbors will help me, the Church will provide for me, the government will give me food. Sorry, but you can not put your family’s temporal salvation in the hands of other people. No one else is going to store food for you. You have to do it yourself.

Here are the Top 12 Excuses I Hear for not having a food storage:

12. My neighbors have a TWO year supply! I seriously doubt it. As a emergency preparedness coordinator in a previous stake, I created an extensive emergency preparedness survey. The results were that 94% of our stake did NOT have a year supply, and 82% had no food storage at all. If your idea is to beg for food from someone else, well, that’s a really bad plan.

11. I’m moving in with my parents (or my children). Really? There’s a bright idea. Guess what, they don’t have food storage either.

10. I’ve paid tithing for 20 years, the church should be able to give me some food. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Tithing is “fire insurance” (see D&C 64:23), not “food insurance.” In fact, the church storehouses and welfare farms would feed less than 5% of the members of the Church. The prophets have been telling you to have a food storage for over 75 years. Have you followed the prophet’s commandment?

9. I have a gun! I have seen on several forums and websites that people say that don’t store food because they have a gun and they know where the nearest Mormon is located. Guess what! You idiot, most Mormons have guns too. If you don’t already have self-defense options as part of your year supply, you should.

8. We pay taxes; If something does happen, the government will take care of us. Some might even say, “they have to help us; our taxes pay their salary; if we die, they will have to take a pay cut.” Government aid worked out so well for people in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, right? With most all states in a severe budget crisis, and the federal government with a $14 TRILLION debt, the government will not be able to help. In fact, the government has been urging people to store food, water, medicine, etc. Check out

7. Wide-spread national catastrophe will never happen. You might think that nothing happened with Y2K, but every prophecy given by the Lord will be fulfilled, and probably when you least expect it.

6. I have a 2 year supply of wheat; that should be sufficient. You need much more than just wheat. Unless you are eating that wheat on a daily basis and your body is accustomed to it, it will literally tear up your digestive system. You need to store of food items to go along with the wheat.

5. It takes up too much space!. This is utter nonsense. It doesn’t matter where you live, you can find space if you want to. I put a full year supply of food storage for 2 adults and 4 children in the closet under my stairs. I was able to store over 650 of the #10 cans with easy access to any of it at any given time. Check out Where to Put Your Food Storage.

4. It doesn’t taste good and you can’t make adequate meals. Having a food storage means that you have to cook rather than go out to a restaurant or visiting the frozen food isle of the grocery store. Find the right recipes, and you can make your food storage into a delicious and nutritious meal.

3. I’ll store up gold and silver to trade for food. So, are you planning on eating those gold and silver coins? If you were starving, and you had a choice between a bag of gold coins and your neighbor’s cat, which would you choose? When people are starving, they are not going to trade away their valuable food for gold or silver. If they do, you will be buying the most expensive bowl of soup you ever ate.

2. I can’t afford food storage. The average food storage for an adult can cost as little as a dollar a day. We live in the wealthiest society in the history of the world. If you do not have food storage, it is because you have your priorities reversed. If you choose to purchase expensive cars, an extra large house, LCD televisions, computers, vacations, etc. before getting food storage, then you need to re-evaluate your priorities. Are those items more important than food storage?

1. A year supply??? I thought I only needed 72 hours! The recovery period for emergencies and natural disasters is much more than 72 hours. I lived in Houston when Hurricane Ike hit in 2008. Yes, a 72-hour kit helped…for the first 72 hours! Then we were left with the damage to recover from. There was no electricity for 3 weeks! Many places didn’t have running water (or sewage) for several days. Most all grocery stores were closed; the ones that could be open did not have anything to sell. Large pine trees blockaded roads and downed power lines. There was no cell phone reception; the towers were knocked down or destroyed.

Simply put, getting your year supply of food storage is a commandment of God through his living prophets. We need to be obedient to the commandments of God, including the commandment of food storage. If you don’t think having a food storage is an absolute and necessary commandment, take a look at what President Ezra Taft Benson said about following the prophet. It might seem overwhelming, but it’s not. You do not need to get it all at once, just start getting a little each month until you have accumulated your year supply.

6 Responses to “Top 12 Reasons Not to Have Food Storage”

  1. Chantelle says :

    WOW!!! What an a great list of reasons for NOT having your food storage! I have seen those reasons too and I have even made up those excuses myself. I think the most common one that I hear most of the time is the one that talks about “I can’t afford food storage”.

    I have been through several storms (hurricanes) that have been a bit of a wake up call to get something in order even if it is food storage…I remember there were times that people had to stand in line for hours at a food drop off because they didn’t have food for their families.

    Thank you for this article…I will get working on my food storage for a time that I need it :). I appreciate the time you put this together!

  2. […] Many of my non-LDS friends ask me, why do the Mormons store food? In fact, there is only a very small percentage that actually have a year-supply of food storage and a great majority that have no food storage at all. (see my article on the Top 12 Reasons Not to Have Food Storage). […]

  3. Lucy Stern says :

    John, there is no way you got 650 number 10 cans in a closet under the stairs unless those stairs led down to the basement…lol As a past dry pack specialist, I heard all of those excuses too… My answer: Where there is a will, there is a way.. People in my own ward, tell me all the time, “I know where you live..” I say, that food is for my me and my kids…

    Prices are way up at the cannery and people are starting to panic..The cannery’s can’t keep up with the current demand and people waited till is was raining on the arc to finally get some food storage.. Good article..

  4. Bill Dalton says :

    LDS are close knit and know how to defend themselves and their family. Many are law enforcement and military. Many are avid hunters and are active with firearms. Many are veterans of former wars who know well the use of weapons and have been in combat. Don’t think that LDS are conscientious objectors or like Quakers or other who will not defend themselves vigorously. You would be making a great mistake if you tried to invade my home to take what you wanted or threaten me or mine. It would possibly be the last mistake you made. Make my day ! Amen !

  5. J allen says :

    We are in our 70s and have a pretty good food supply here. We will not be able to fight for food at market or otherwise. So I have taken care of the food and my husband has taken care of the protection. Thanks for all your advice . We have taken this very seriously.

  6. no guarantee says :

    I have been to my daughter.s mormon church preparedness classes and the last thing they talk about is getting guns to protect family and food supply. These people are not idiots.