New York Mayor Wants to Shutdown Arizona Gun Shows

by / Thursday, 03 February 2011 / Published in Guns and Weapons, Political, Video

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg overstepped his power in authorizing investigators to run an undercover sting operation at a Phoenix gun show:

Bloomberg’s office didn’t bother to give Arizona police any advanced notice of the plan, Attorney General Tom Horne said. “The fact that no such notification was made indicates this so-called sting is nothing less than a public relations stunt,” Horne said.

Arizona’s attorney general, Tom Horne said Bloomberg ought to consider the skyrocketing crime in his city before sending police officers to another state. He cited the latest FBI crime statistics that show robberies, rapes, aggravated assaults and murders increased in New York City in 2010, compared to the previous year.

Mayor Bloomberg should be more concerned with the high crime rates in his own city rather than wasting money to “try” to push his extreme liberal agenda of banning firearms.

Sheriff Joe Takes Aim at Mayor Bloomberg’s undercover sting:

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says his office wasn’t notified about the operation.

”I wonder if he got in touch with his buddy here the Mayor of Phoenix… I’ll be glad to send my volunteer posse or my people into New York to determine his problems that he has, so why is he worried about Arizona? We have good weapon laws; every citizen has the right to possess guns, so why is he concerned about it?”

I’m an Arizona licensed private investigator; I’ll volunteer to be sent by Sheriff Joe Arpaio to New York to undercover the plethora of crimes in New York City, bringing to light across the national news media the incompetence of the liberal mayor who suffers from a mental disorder.

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  1. I think he should concentrate on all the major issues NY has. Clean your own house before you worry about ours the tax payers in his city should be horrified by his misuse of there city taxes.